Business Centre

The Quinta da Geia Conference centre is a very special place for business, cultural and commercial events. It is situated in the village of Aldeia das Dez, 450 meter high, on the northern slopes of the Serra do Açor.

The interaction between business and rural space, as well as the presence of leisure and restaurant facilities are factors that contribute to the uniqueness of the Conference Centre in the middle of Portugal for a wide variety of events.

The conference centre is particularly oriented in providing services for small and medium sized groups- conferences, product presentations, training sessions, technical exhibitions, workshops, teambuilding and many other events. The Conference centre has a fully equipped modern room; the Geia Room with a capacity for twenty-five persons and is multi functional. Complementary facilities are available.

Furthermore the Conference centre is characterised by several outside zones and gardens that can cater for larger events in a unique environment. The João Brandão restaurant will provide unforgettable meals combining Portuguese, French, and Italian gastronomy. You can enjoy your meal either in the dining room or on a covered terrace outside. And all the time you can relax In the Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia, carefully restored where past and present interact harmoniously, with all the modern comforts but the architectural setting of the 17 th century.

The centre functions from 8 a.m. to 12P.M Monday to Friday and also at the weekends. The centre provides private free parking, a photocopier, an overhead projector, fax, Internet and secretarial services.

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